Mosaic451: Bringing Clarity to Complicated IT Environments

CIO VendorMichael Baker, Principal
Cyber security is experiencing colossal development, as an industry and a topic in the day-by-day lives of individuals and organizations utilizing innovation. In addition, as technology continues to change at a bewildering rate, dangers and threats are advancing quick–with cybercriminals discovering new and imaginative approaches to abuse clients and technology. Cybercriminals over the last few years have taken advantage of exploits to silently deploy their malicious code.

Cyber crime is fuelled by increasingly sophisticated technologies along with relatively new trends in mobility usage, social media, and rapidly expanding connectivity—all in the hands of more organized online criminal networks.

“Today, every CIO is looking for a crucial solution to cyber crimes in the form of the next firewall or hardware. The key lies in deploying the solution intelligently with a team that knows how to use it to the full potential,” says Michael Baker, Principal at Mosaic451. “Technology, if deployed correctly, is a force multiplier for intelligent human beings.”

Mosaic451’s, expertise is to design, deploy, monitor, secure, and maintain the client’s computer networks round the clock so the customers can focus on their core, non-IT business. According to Baker network disruptions, slowdowns, and security breaches compromise an organizations’ employee productivity, cause customer’s inconvenience, and damage the brand.

The company’s software, hardware, security and privacy experts– including automated applications that alert the engineers the second there’s a problem and before it spins out of control–cover a firms’ email, corporate and customer data, routers, notebooks, smartphones continually.

Mosaic451 offers tailored managed security services for each customer’s environment in multiple verticals with specific needs from federal regulation controls to protecting intellectual capital. They help clients' in strengthening penetration, network vulnerability and web/application security testing through security infrastructure operations and management like deploying custom made Firewall, Intrusion Detection System, Web Application Firewalls or log aggregation, correlation, monitoring and storage.

“Our security services provide protection throughout a customer’s network, securing the perimeter, data, remote users, and customers. We focus offloading resource intensive operational tasks like security management and monitoring, after closely analyzing a client’s current circumstance,” states Baker. While the company provides state of the art, remote-only monitoring and security services, customers prefer their Mosaic Hybrid solution that supplies Tier 2 and 3 staff to reside onsite inside of the customer organization.

The company’s security operations solutions team provides services ranging from PCI-approved log retention and monitoring to managed defense to full security operations. Baker and his team work with customer tools natively or deploy their own toolsets, with focus on offloading resource intensive operational tasks like security management and monitoring, log management, vulnerability management and compliance reporting. “We specialize in predictive modeling and data mining from disparate sources to create converged views of network, security and applications data,” explains Baker.

“For example—if a state or local entity has only two people responsible for the IT technology, they just cannot win as they are overwhelmed due to the complexity of security operations.” The company offers them a 24x7 operations help that is very aggressively technical and interested in customers outcome easing the pressure out of those people.

Mosaic451 has discharged all non-essential functions, like sales and marketing teams, and focuses on engineering and development. “Our people have decades of security operations excellence in some of the most demanding, security-driven data environments in the U.S. When we sign a contract we make it a point to fulfill the mission,” asserts Baker. “For the days to come we will focus on improving our solutions and evolve as the technology and cyber space does.”